A Timely PLR Lead Magnet for you to Build
Your Business!

From The Desk Of

John Richards

Dear Marketer,

We know the world is still wondering what the future holds and what the
new normals will be…

Meanwhile – People who have never considered working from home are
searching online for things to do to add to their family finances.

This PLR Package is Brand Spanking New &
Gives You Everything You Need To Start
Building Your List.

I have gone the extra mile in supplying you with a state of the art website that you can use straight away.

It wont be a boring sales page I have gone the extra mile so you can concentrate on one thing running your business.

The PLR bundle you will get into your hands today, has everything you need to start growing or expanding your business and it will do as it says on the tin.

The Sales page has been:
• Professionally written content for maximum exposure
• Its designed to grab your viewers attention
• Copy will be written in a way to sell on impulse
• You will find its in a conversation mode

Plus other materials you need to set everything up.

Introducing To You LockDown Education For All

Lockdown Education

100% Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free.

Lock-Down Education is a Complete Done For You Bundle With PLR Rights That You Can Give Away Or Sell As Your Own & Keep 100% Of The Profits!

You Are Getting Access to A Complete Private Label Rights System!

All the content is fully editable, with instruction that once set up will take your future customers through a system that will build you a solid income online that can be repeated over and over again.

Included in the package is a quality report and resources that will provide you with immediately actionable content along with the tried and tested proven strategies anyone will be able to

implement even if

you are a complete newbie…

But Hold On,

I designed the product from scratch in a way that you can format it so that you can turn the content into an article if you wish, or use as a blog posts, or given as a gift via email.

The Product was designed to get anyone up and running fast with a complete funnel without tripping over any rabbit holes.

And just think with more and more people coming online you are in the position with your proven system to educate them.

In this Lockdown period more and more are turning to the internet and are looking to grab an opportunity to start an online business from home.

In these stressful times, you are in pole position with your PLR package to help your customers grow rapidly online…

With this golden opportunity in front of you today you wont need a targeted funnel everything is designed in a way to build your subscribers and sell the product in your own name.

This is not all i will be teaching you step by step how to set the whole package up without any fuss, plus all other free resources that will be handy to run your business to…
OK allow me to reveal all.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside This Package…

Module 1 Lock Down Education Report.

The main Guide is called “LockDown Education” This report is brand new and it will show your customers where to find free internet marketing courses that work today.

It wont be one of those PLR eBook you can find on random sites online.

This is a whole lot different from anything you may or may not have seen before because, it’s more of a “Rolodex” to anything you want it to be other than the traditional eBook may have.

The report has been designed in a way that you can be 100% confident you can position yourself as an authority by branding the report as your own!

So What inside the report

• Over 2,000 words (20+ pages) of Where to find quality online Courses that your customers can follow step-by-step 100%, unique and original courses that work in today’s world.

• A fully editable Word Doc file that’s included so you will be able to edit the eBook as you wish.

• The report will be Professionally formatted and styled

• You will get a PDF version also

Module 2 Checklist
A comprehensive checklist for you to follow so that you will know each of the steps needed to set everything up with all the important tasks in hand this can be printed off and checked as you go through the package.
It will be a great reference to your customers also when they go through the main guide.
Module 3 Resource Guide
This PDF is ideal to find other sites to help you run your business all focused on Internet Marketing.
Module 4 Marketing Resource
These pages can be Viewed on all devices as they are 100% Mobile Friendly.

The sales page has been carefully written to convert with the LockDown Education Product.

• There’s no copy-writing fees to pay.
• You don’t need to waste your time trying to write the sales copy.
• A comprehensive high converting full blown sales page.
• Also included is a dedicated fill in the blanks thank you page to deliver the product to to be customized as you like

Module 5 Lead Magnet
You are supplied with a lead magnet a free chapter of lock-Down Education but we also supply a different Lead Magnet if you don’t want to use the free chapter.

The free lead magnet will help build trust with your subscriber.

Also the lead magnet will be great to entice people on your list and warm them up to the main product that will put money in your pocket.

Module 6 Optin Pages
Before you can ask for the sale you will need a way to get the people on your mailing list, otherwise, sending people straight to the sales page is just crazy and in the long run you are just wasting all your time and your hard earned money.

However you know this before hand yes?

That’s why you need the optin to attract your leads onto your list as you are getting a high converting squeeze page to customize as you like.

The Squeeze page job is to do one thing get cold leads onto your list and warm them up with the follow up.

There’s an instruction report showing you simply how to insert your optin code in the squeeze page to generate the leads who in turn will be ready to buy.

Module 7 Promotional Emails
Start plugging these emails into your auto-responder to get sales from the main guide once you start building your list.

Edit the swipes as you like use the subjects provided and load them in and you are ready.

These swipes have been written to do one thing, is to get high open rates and high click-through rates period.

Module 8 Social Media Messages
Add these messages on all of your social media to get people onto your optin pages and get them on your list to warm them up to buy the main guide.
Module 9 Graphics Pack
We supply you with the professionally created graphics to use on your blogs social media forums and any where else you like that will help you build a list and make sales of the main guide.
Module 10 License Pack
And most important module of all,
As promised PLR Resell and Giveaway Rights, Master Resell Rights, Repackage Rights Reprint Rights Personal Reuse Rights.

There Are No Technical Skills Or Prior Experience Required

If you can check your email, have internet access, and have 30-60 minutes per day to invest in your business, you have everything you need to be successful

No coding or design experience required!
You will turn all your hard work of traffic into leads and sales by using the provided email templates that comes with the PLR Package.

You get immediate and unlimited access to the entire PLR Package
– You can move at your own pace and re-read any of the training reports if you need a little extra help.

Its your turn to take this opportunity to tap into the marketplace where prospects will be hungry for your PLR Package and in turn make you Big returns.

The world we live in now with the lockdown more and more prospects with be looking to grow their income by looking to make money online…

Don’t be surprised if these times will be busy in the coming days and months and the best thing is…

You will be in there first when you take advantage of the Lock-Down
Education PLR Package and clean up…

Lockdown Education

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100% Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free.

Where else can you get quality marketing system built and virtually just cost you pennies off the dollar.

Can you imagine being the kiddie in this exiting niche and bring home the bacon each and every time.

Are you ready to build the marketing mean machine that generates leads time after time almost like leads on demand.

Your customers will love this PLR Package as it is designed to work precisely as you want it to work like a dream when your customers take action.

This PLR Package is built to do precisely that. However don’t take my word for it.

Lockdown Education

Click Button Above Now To Take Advantage Of The Launch Price Save $97 from the normal price| 30 day money back guaranteed

Here’s What a Few Who Have Reviewed Lock-Down Education Have To Say…

Fran Lomax

What a fantastic set of resources. I have to tell you I have been around IM for a considerable time and even I wasn’t aware of most of these courses….and best of all they are free.

There is a wide range of topics covered and will help you to learn and grow your own Online Business. My advice…Grab The Report Now


Jane Vimar

Lockdown Education nailed it in revealing numerous free resources to get educated for your online business journey. It covers various strategies to earn you a good income. Excellent job done. Invest in Lockdown Education today!


Sylvia Rehman

This product is very easy to follow, the instructions are clear and precise,
For those who like to read and follow, the PDF is just as easy to follow as ABC.

This is the most easiest course that anyone can follow and learn from.

You have outdone yourself on this awesome PLR System and have seriously over delivered
on the product.


Still Not Convinced About LockDown Education Here Is Why You Need This PLR Bundle?

Lock-Down Education is a complete, step-by-step PLR system that gives you everything you need to earn solid money online the right way.

When you consider what you are getting all of this PLR package and more…

Once your neighbors find out how much you are making with this and the direction of your business is going they will be begging to be friends.
Squeeze page templates that make building a list and monetizing
it fast and easy (This will most defiantly will save you a anonymous amount of time, and it will help you save you a lot of cash too.)
Email templates and sales page templates, so anyone, even if they have no experience with copy-writing, can plug-in and profit from the system
LockDown Education For All PLR Package will be the quickest way to get up and running fast and allow you to become an expert in your niche.
…it would be easy to spend several hundred on this, feel good about it, and show a positive return on your investment.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of struggling or beginner marketers that just don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a system… I’ve been there… and I didn’t want to price anyone out to prevent them from being able to take full advantage of this.

So, I decided to basically “give away” the PLR Package to the first 100 people to invest in LockDown Education for the low price of just $47. No, I didn’t forget a zero.

You get everything for less than a large pizza, but again, this low price is limited to the first 100 people to take action. The price will increase very soon!

To Make It Easier To Get Started Today… I’m Going To Let
You Try Lock-Down Education On My Dime For 30 Days…

I want to make this as simple as possible for you, so I’m going to let you give the system a test drive on my dime for the first 30 days.

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you decide that this isn’t for you, simply shoot me an email within 30 days of getting started, and you’ll get a 100%, no-hassle, prompt refund of your entire investment.

With a guarantee like this, you really have nothing to lose when you make the decision to invest in the LockDown Education For all PLR Package today.

When You Take Action Today, You’ll Also Get This Exclusive Bonus…

Special Launch Bonus

100 Ways To Drive Traffic

This report will show you 100 ways to drive traffic to your PLR System that are proven and effective at generating more leads, more buyers, and putting more cash in your bank account

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Don’t delay…

Stop waking up to an alarm clock every morning

• Spend your days doing what you what, when you want
• Fire your boss
• Spend more time with your friends and family
• Pay off debt
• Have the money you need to do the things you want to do and buy
the things you want to buy
• Live the life you are meant to live
• All of the above equates to one simple word… FREEDOM!

To get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire PLR Package Bundle, simply click the button below…

After clicking the button and processing your one-time investment below, you get immediate access to everything.

Lockdown Education

Remember, the special price above is only available to the first 100 people that click the button above… I can’t guarantee the price will still be that low if you come back tomorrow…

Get Instant Access Today!

Are you ready to make a change in your life for the better today?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Worst case scenario, you get access to the package, go through the checklist, decide the PLR Package Bundle isn’t for you, and you get a prompt refund…

No big deal right?

But, what if everything I’ve said is true?

What if this is the PLR Bundle Package that really shows you a system that will start putting together and can put money in your pocket as soon as this week?

What if this is the PLR Package Bundle shows you a REAL online business model that will give you the FREEDOM to do what you want to do and live the life you’re meant to live?

Isn’t it worth a tiny investment of just $17 to find out?

Continuing to do what you’ve always done will continue to give you the same results… Isn’t the risk of missing out on something that could change your life a FAR bigger risk?

Here’s the link again… See you on the inside!

Lockdown Education

John Richards

Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions…

How much will it cost to get started?
Other than your investment in this Bundle, you can get started making
real progress online for less than $50 out of your pocket. If you’re on a
limited budget, it’s easy to get started for next to nothing and scale
things up quickly to a full-time, online income.

What if I’ve never done anything online before?
This PLR Package checklist will take you by the hand and walks you
step-by-step from complete beginner to setting things up and making
real income in your pocket. If you can turn on your computer and check
your email, you’re good to go!

Do I need to have my own product?
Not at all. As everything is provided in the Bundle for you to start
marketing plus if you want to learn from the courses that will help you
sell and promote your own products more effectively, you’ll learn how
you can get started today with absolutely nothing.

No prior products, knowledge, or skills are required to succeed with this

If you’ve got 30-60 minutes per day and access to a computer, you have
what you need to be successful. You’ll even get my secret trick to leverage other people’s products to build your list inside the product…
(it’s worth the small investment in the product just for this trick alone)

What do I need to get started?
Access to a computer with internet, 30-60 minutes per day, $50 or less to get started, and your desire to do something different and build something real.

What’s different about your product from all of the others?
Many products out there teach theory. Quite frankly, most marketers will teach you a method they are not even using. Everything inside this bundle is step-by-step and will take you by the hand from the beginning to making progress online.

There is no theory and no conjecture.

Everything inside is what I use daily to earn a very nice income online and live the life that I want. Let’s face it, there are no magic bullets… if you want to learn the real, tested, proven way to make serious money online, you’ll get that inside this PLR Package.

Do I need to buy a lot of traffic?
You’ll learn free traffic tactics from the bonus inside the package, so no investment in traffic is required. There is also an announced bonus which covers more traffic methods that you can use.

Is there a monthly fee for your package?
To get access to the PLR Package is just a one-time fee you see below. There are no ongoing or monthly fees.

What if I get stuck along the way?
All the resources inside the member’s area are very easy to follow and step-by-step (do this, then do this). Of course, if you need additional assistance, I’m just an email away.

Get Instant Access Today! The First 100 People To Take Action
Get In Now For…

Lockdown Education

100% Money Back Guarantee. Risk Free.